I'm Nichole

Wife, mother of three, sister, daughter, friend. Proudly Type-A, overly focused and underly energetic. Sleep and chocolate solve my problems.

I love New York City. I felt home the minute we moved here in 2008. NYC amazes me every day. She's beautiful, energetic, sexy, challenging, and moody. She keeps you wondering if she loves you or can't wait for you to leave. I get her.

I love anything creative including fashion, design, interiors, and people. I am a Font Geek and can decorate the most amazing Birthday Cakes. I would join Diet Cokeaholics Anonymous except I don't want to. I swear way too frequently but am still ladylike enough to be offended when I hear it on the subway. The smell of trash on the sidewalks in the summer makes me happy and hopeful. I run 25 miles a week, usually to the mantra, "Faster, you fat cow, faster!" I love sugar. (See the connection?) I wish for a dog and a tattoo, but will only actually get one of them. 

I live downtown in Tribeca and when the chance came to put .nyc after my name, I went for it!

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