Forget Your Face! Winter Skin Care for Your Bod


February has been deemed by aestheticians as the "Ugly Month". Winter and dreariness has made a huge drying impact on our skin, and we are limping to the finish line. I feel like I look like I've aged 10 years in February, then by May I'm back to my old self again. Sun shining, vibrant heat and humidity. Oh I can't wait. But for as cold as it is, I know that it will make Spring that much more meaningful! It's the contrast that creates value. 

I've rounded up my tried and true body care products that moisturize and revitalize. I use them year-round, but especially so right now! Read below for the links and reasons why I love these products!

Vani Cream - I switched to this product 7 years ago after I realized that my regular body lotion had all these chemicals and hormone disruptors. I was worried about hormonal stuff most of all, and this totally fragrance- and phosphate-free formula is so rich and moisturizing. I love it! But.... 

This Gud lotion is just as free of all the harmful chemicals but has a silkier feel and awesome grapefruit fragrance that is all natural- so I MIX the TWO! When my Vani Cream runs halfway out, I fill the rest with Gud and mix them together so I get the best of both

AmLactin Ultra - I discovered this lotion last winter and it's kinda weird: My thighs during winter get so dry that little bumps will appear. I thought it was just my skin needing major exfoliation, but that's not it! It's embarrassing to ever discuss bumps, but I had to pass this along! This alpha hydroxy formula moisturizes those bumps completely away!

Kushi Healing Balm - This is my favorite for cuticles and my kids' noses and chapped lips. It's the only balm that truly moisturizes my cuticles during the drying winter months. It's amazing and all natural. This brand is a small one but poke around this site and tell them I sent you!

Norwegian Hand Cream - My favorite winter tip? When you're heading outside, put your hand lotion on and then your gloves. As you're walking around, your gloves are trapping the heat and helping your lotion absorb! This hand cream is my favorite kind for just hands- I keep it in my purse all winter and put it on my kids' hands while we're sitting in church (I'm a mulitasker...)

Solar Oil for Nails - This is great stuff too- the day after a manicure I swipe this on to keep the cuticles fresh. It's oily so you should plan on wiping off the excess

Burts Bees Lip Balm - Only lip balm I use! I put it on right when I go to bed, especially during winter or the night before a race. 

Pantene BB Creme - One pump of this stuff protects from blow-drying heat and conditions at the same time. I put it in my hair, wrap it in a turbie-twist (yeah, still a thing) and wait thirty minutes before I blow-dry