The Minivan Wardrobe...

I call it that because this post is about the basics. The cold, rainy, schlepping day where you're happy to be out of your sweaty gym clothes get things knocked off your to-do list. There are a few things that I wear year after year that never fail me. This post is my simple uniform; any given day between November and March you'll see me wearing this or a slight variation thereof. I doubt this look will be on any magazine cover soon. Except maybe... WOMAN OF THE YEAR! just kidding

UNIQLO JACKET- This ultra-light down thing packs into a pouch that I throw in my bag. This jacket is super warm for its use, comes in a million colors (but I went with the standard-issue NYC darkest-color-they-carry) and is flattering. Layer it under a wool coat for extra mileage. 

CLEAR UMBRELLA- It's crazy, but this thing is like a safety issue- you gotta see cars and people coming and going when it's rainy and dark (see: NYC Winters)

SCARF- Always, always. Practically year-round

MERINO TURTLENECK- This one is an updated dolman sleeve number, of which I have a million variations. It's the 'white tee' of winter

TOOTHPICK JEANS - I have better/tighter skinnies, but this pair is 6 years old and have molded to my body. Not the most flattering because they're getting baggy, but I can't part with them. 

OVERKNEE SOCKS - Always peeking out from my tall boots, I have a million varieties in length 

TALL MOTOs - ON SALE!!! Skinny shaft, comfy, classic, and durable